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CPS - Data Networks

Data Networks

Ensure the transmission of information across secure, reliable, manageable and scalable platforms.



dc2 ups2To provide network communication, access to services such as applications and technology integration, CPS has low, medium and high range routers that allow its customers to receive information, direct it through routing tables or static routes and cover connectivity needs between the headquarters of the same organization. It is also possible to add modules to offer services such as network drivers for wireless networks, virtual servers, and voice messaging systems, among others.

Low-end routers are geared to both small businesses and the home segment, in order to ensure availability and access to data. Among their advantages are the possibility to incorporate wireless access and, in some models, the basic IP telephony services.

By default, mid-range routers have 512 MB of RAM and 256 MB of flash (expandable), slots for expansion cards and, in certain models of these routers, service module slots.

In this product line, CPS offers integrated services routers that enable the incorporation of modules that provide features atypical for a router, as is the case of application accelerators, virtual servers, voice messaging and intrusion detection.

High-end routers are designed for service providers deploying narrowband and/or broadband services, which usually belong to the banking, insurance, oil and telecommunications sectors.


dc2 ups2Companies need networks that can support a wide range of devices to provide their users with network access, connectivity, performance and reliability.

Each switch is designed for one purpose: to provide end users with access to Access Point, IP security cameras, video conferencing and IP phones; providing connectivity to the servers in the data center, with the possibility of adding additional service cards for a collapsed technology service; and deliver connectivity services to fiber optics and a broad portfolio of differentiated service, leading to scalability speeds from DS0 up to OC-192/STM-64.

LAN switches are equipment with 24/48 ports with one GbE/10GbE uplinks, providing access to base 2 layer, and in some series Layer 3 can provide routing services and redundancy in power supplies.

Data center switches are modular, scalable, virtualizable and redundant, with high switching speed through 10GbE ports. They support a high density of ports, both fiber optic and UTP; they can integrate firewall modules, IPS, wireless network controllers and load balancers; they reduce the total cost of investment and Capex and Opex operating costs (Capital Expenditures and Operational Expenditure respectively ) and can go hand in hand with the growth of your business.

Finally, multiservice and high switching capacity WAN switches provide scalable solutions economically by individual modules (ATM, Frame-relay, voice, circuit emulation, IP Services, Wireless, DSL and VPN aggregation). They provide connectivity services to fiber optics and a broad portfolio of differentiated service offering scalability speeds from DS0 up to OC-192/STM-64.
These switches are ideal for complementing high-end routers and are designed for service providers deploying narrowband and/or broadband services.

Wireless Networks

Companies are valuing mobility more and more. With wireless networks, designed to meet the current needs of bandwidth, you can access company information and resources any time anywhere, with the same quality and safety obtained through a wired network .

For these solutions, equipment operating in the most commercial or common bands (b/g/n), may have built-in or external antennas, depending on the requirements of the organization.

Wireless networks allow the incorporation of applications to incorporate localization and detection of assets. With them, companies can also have a centralized management platform for access points, providing configuration options and decreasing window-change time.

These solutions facilitate access to a variety of mobile devices such as phones, tablets and IP telephony, and are in some measure responsible for a considerable saving of time and money.

The portfolio for this product line includes authentication portals that provide security and intrusion detection. In addition, CPS has technology denominated CleanAir, led by Cisco, which analyses the transmission spectrum, indicating what type of interference there is and the amplitude thereof.

Para estas soluciones, los equipos funcionan en las bandas más comerciales o comunes (b/g/n), pudiendo contar con antenas incorporadas o externas dependiendo de los requerimientos de la organización.

Las redes inalámbricas permiten la incorporación de aplicaciones para localización y detección de activos. Con ellas también es posible que las empresas cuenten con una plataforma centralizada de administración para los puntos de acceso, facilitando las opciones de configuración y disminuyendo el tiempo de las ventanas de cambio.

Estas soluciones facilitan el acceso a una gran variedad de dispositivos móviles como celulares, tabletas y telefonía IP, y son en cierta medida, responsables, de un considerable ahorro de tiempo y dinero.

El portafolio de productos para esta línea de productos incluye los portales de autenticación que brindan seguridad y detección de intrusos. Por otra parte, CPS cuenta con una tecnología denominada CleanAir, de la mano de Ciso, la cual se encarga de realizar un análisis del espectro de transmisión, indicando qué tipo de interferencia hay y la amplitud de la misma.

Network Security

dc2 ups2Threats grow in parallel to the consumption of information technologies and companies that embrace mobility as a working philosophy. So taking care of the network depends on a 360° view and the different levels of access for its users.

The main function of the solutions is to reduce data vulnerability, protecting it from attacks or internal and external threats, data loss or DoS (Denial of Service).

Some solutions to strengthen security in business networks are firewalls, network access control, detection systems and intrusion prevention, email security (Ironport).

Networking Application Services

dc2 ups2This equipment allows your company to increase and optimize the performance of WAN links as well as perform load balancing among application servers.

They accelerate applications and programs, improve bandwidth, reduce latency improving end-user experience, they help to amalgamate applications with existing computer infrastructure and networks, and optimize the transmission of data passing through the WAN links.
Network application services can deliver a wide range of integrated technologies with acceleration and security capabilities.