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CPS - Data Center and Virtualization

Data Center and Virtualization

Consolidate your infrastructure with agile, flexible, reliable and scalable options to meet the highest demands in the areas of storage and servers.



dc2 ups2As an information technology company, CPS’ vision is focused on achieving the best results through a more agile and reliable storage infrastructure.

The advanced architecture of enterprise storage in a network is open, innovative, modular, standards-based, providing the highest levels of performance and quality of service.

CPS offers its range of storage systems supported by Hewlett Packard products and EMC, covering all market sectors by DAS, NAS or SAN types of equipment, with disk technologies (FC, FATA, SAS and SATA) and connections to an external network type such as FC, ISCSI, FCoE, and SAS, to meet the needs of your business.

CPS also has a wide range of applications and software that allow you to manage, easily manage and monitor storage platforms (management software for local and remote copies, software for creating volume, replication through Host, backup and recovery, end-to-end coverage of the data).

With these solutions, the processes of the organization can be streamlined and automated. It is the case of capacity provisioning, data integrity, performance, protection, monitoring, among others.

Backup and Recovery

dc2 ups2CPS offers complete, reliable and scalable solutions specially designed to meet the needs for safekeeping, through backup and restoring, of any type data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured).

There are a wide range of support units – ranging from simple backup devices, to physical and virtual tape libraries – based on open technologies and industry standards: DAT, SDLT, LTO.

All this equipment can be connected in SAN high-performance networks (FC or IP), offering customers backup systems to ensure performance, scalability, protection and safeguarding of information.


dc2 ups2Complex environments can be optimized by streamlining data center resources and reducing devices that require setting up, power, cooling and cabling, in order to increase IT staff productivity and make business more agile.

CPS has an extensive portfolio of servers to meet the needs of our customers in any environment, providing comprehensive coverage of processing and memory scalability, with systems 1-, 2-, 4- and up to 8-socket processors with redundant components.

X86 servers are based on Intel® XeonTM and AMD OpteronTM, supporting Windows and Linux operating systems, which provide the best platform for both 32-bit mainstream applications and for emerging applications such as 64-bit x86, carrying denser and more energy-efficient scalable systems.

Blade systems present infrastructures that can be adapted within a chassis, combining the essential elements of a modern data center: power, cooling, connectivity, redundancy, security, computing and storage, all in an innovative modular platform that can accelerate integration.

In addition, higher-performance servers with native 64-bit technologies and high availability are oriented toward mission-critical applications, which offer flexible capacity, secured availability, simplified management, and a better return on IT investment for mixed and complex workloads.

This family of servers increases by modules and allows virtual and physical partitioning, for the better use of resources designed to protect Return on Investment (ROI), and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


dc2 ups2Management of applications and operations, barriers in terms of infrastructure and desktop architectures, are the three areas to which CPS’ virtualization solutions are directed, based on two leading manufacturers in the industry: VMWare and Microsoft.

Virtualization focuses on reducing operational costs, mitigating the risks of a heterogeneous environment and freeing resources to provide business services, supporting business needs that encompass the desktop and the data center.

Personal Systems and Printing

dc2 ups2To meet the needs of personal and business customers, combining a set of hardware and software tools that have been created to provide security, reliability and productivity, CPS offers a wide variety of laptops, desktops and specialized workstations, offering durability, performance and robustness for the most demanding professionals.

CPS has equipment with the versatility, processing, storage, mobility, visualization capacity and durability that customers require, besides a set of ink printing devices, as well as laser and large format, with which it improves the business image and boosts productivity and business efficiency.

CPS also has an extensive range of options to meet the diverse needs of digital document transmission and capture, from small offices trying to eliminate paper and improve collaboration, to large organizations wanting to improve efficiency, streamline the most important Workflow processes or reduce exposure to risks of regulation.