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CPS - Vertical Applications

Vertical Applications

Get specialized solutions for any business area, relying on high levels of standardization adapting to the needs of your company with facility for configuration.


Brokerage Firms Applications

CPS has designed X-Rent for automating the processes of brokerage houses and brokerage companies. Implementing it facilitates and simplifies the administration of credit securities by calculating the benefits and profitability of financial operations carried out in different periods.

This application concentrates on managing the operations of fixed- and variable equity markets, controlling purchases, sales, the performance of any value and accounts payable and receivable, generate during registered operations.

The application stores all the information of the customer base with their specific details, as investors, the financial details of credit securities, brokerage houses with which it operates jointly, among other general aspect data.

Health Sector Applications

SANOS is the name of the solution developed by CPS for automating medical processes in hospitals, state health-service hospitals and clinics that support administrative functions and the rendering of health services with the highest quality standards.

The implementation of the software, designed exclusively for the health sector, is an opportunity to optimize patient care, reduce congestion in health centers, save time and minimize costs, presenting the concept of "paperless hospital" and providing the directors with the administrative and health indicators, so necessary for decision-making, all through on-line information.

SANOS has been designed with the guidance of medical and nursing staff, who have a wide experience in automating clinics and hospitals. It is presented in modules: patient care, outpatient, inpatient, emergency and intensive care, surgery, maternity and ancillary services, which facilitate recording information generated during clinical attention and documenting related processes such as patient registration, giving appointments and assignments, storing data in medical history, recording vital signs, trends, nursing processes, inventory control, ancillary laboratory services and diagnostic imaging, among others.

Visit www.sanos.la

Business Applications

CPS has developed several solutions to increase the productivity of organizations. TIP and E-Ticket are currently available.

IPT (Internet Protocol Telephony) is an integration platform with the portfolio of Cisco Unified Communications (CallManager and CallManager Express) for processing and calculating the value of calls supported on IP technology. The application provides a user-friendly access interface that requires no technical expertise but basic knowledge of navigability, through which it is possible to evaluate the statistics of calls made, to make decisions about the correct use given to telephony in your organization.
This solution, totally programmed in Java, is an open, flexible and extensible platform with web access features, integration with the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP, its acronym in English) for ranking users, setting credit limits for calls, historical cost, searching for out-going phone numbers, generating different report formats (Web, Excel, PDF) and independence from platform operating systems and data repository (Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and PostgreSQL, among others).

The second application, E-Ticket, allows the user to plan and track, clearly and precisely, the strategies and activities assigned so as to respond promptly, and with the required quality, to the company’s internal and external demands. The solution supports monitoring staff performance and the decision-making process and can share data with other systems, making it scalable, in that it can accommodate the needs of the organization.