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CPS - Physical Infrastructure

Physical Infrastructure

Host and properly manage all IT assets in the data center that have the most cutting-edge technologies and standards in the industry.


UPS / Power Systems

dc2 ups2Uninterruptible power systems are an essential component for the protection and continuity of your business. Aware of this, APC and CPS offer a diverse portfolio that adjusts to meet such needs as electric charge, electrical outlet and desired autonomy.

CPS has a team of highly trained engineers for correct sizing, consulting and installing equipment specially designed for centralized data centers and industrial environments, in order to protect and empower IT teams.
These solutions were specifically designed to provide companies with technology in their UPS and thus protect their equipment while continuing their operations.

Power distributors are classified as PDU and rack PDU. While PDU distributors allows having a switchboard in a rack, facilitating the distribution of electrical wiring cabinets to coexist with IT equipment, Rack PDU distributors can be sized from single phase to three-phase output jacks.

Highlighted among the benefits are their easy implementation, compliance with industry standards and the possibility of energizing any IT asset held by the client.

Precision Cooling

dc2 ups2Depending on design and customer needs, these are units that can work with mechanisms of ice water or direct expansion and vary their capacity as of 1.5 tons of cooling.

Based on TIA / EIA 942 and ASHARE standards, CPS engineers have tools that support manufacturers’ correct positioning and distribution of precision air units in the data center, according to the thermal load emanating from the IT equipment.

Voltage regulators and surge protectors are also essential to ensure the continuity of your business during unforeseen circumstances. Their main function is the safeguarding of IT equipment against electrical variations.

CPS focuses its solutions on devices that can regulate anomalies and extend the useful life of its assets, including regulators and surge protectors with multiple sockets and / or dedicated outlets, which are always in tune with the real needs of our customers.

Security, Monitoring and Management

dc2 ups2With the environmental monitoring equipment and physical security for data centers that CPA and CPS offer, your business can centralize, via Netbotz products and ISX Central, all alarm notifications from UPS, power distributors and the air precision under one platform. In addition, this product line allows concentrating the administration of environmental sensors and video surveillance cameras through the network in real time and generating alarms from the points measured within the data center.

Racks and Structured Wiring

dc2 ups2Strong partnerships with industry leaders allow us to manage a large portfolio of solutions related to racks and cabinets, ranging between 2 and 48 units, so that our customers may place all IT equipment safely and correctly.

Structured cabling is one of the key elements for establishing communications among all IT assets within organizations; that is why CPS offers, through its allies, Panduit and Hubbell, a wide range of products that can be adjusted to the particular needs of each client.

Data Center Facilities

ServiciosAdministrados2As an information technology company, we understand the needs of our customers and the importance of having a healthy data center, one that would ensure the safeguarding of information. To do this, we have a select team of engineers and technicians in the fields of electricity and mechanics able to provide advice on designing and implementing data center facilities.

We have extensive experience in small and large projects involving the installing of power equipment, electrical panels, transformers, uninterruptible power systems, precision air, power, power plants, suspended floor and ceiling, applying specialized paint, fire-extinguishing systems, access controls, lighting, laying and certifying UTP and fiber optic cabling. For all these data center facilities, we follow the TIA / EIA 942 standard.