Environmental Policy

Environmental Commitment

demoWe work to ensure that respect for our environment is perceived and recognized as a value that distinguishes us.

Environmental protection plays a critical role in CPS. That is why we wanted to visually express the organic logo which premiered in the documentary "Kerepakupai - Vena: The Forgotten Expedition", sponsored by our company.
CPS, aware of its role as a socially responsible corporate citizen, is working on the implementation of actions aimed at achieving substantial savings in energy, water and paper, measures that in turn have a positive impact on the planet.
"CPS is committed to carry on deepening its actions to control its use of energy, water and paper while working on developing a policy for waste management, which can be extended to customers. The current context of energy crisis can be an opportunity for companies to be definitely routed towards corporate sustainability, enabling them to leave a positive mark on humanity while at the same time making their businesses more sustainable."

Freddy Romero Ocando
VPC Marketing and Communications