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CPS - Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

FilosofiadeGestionOur management philosophy, based on our organizational values, has always shown the way to achieve set goals.

Mission: To provide integral services and solutions with new information technologies to facilitate the evolution of our customers’ business, supported by highly skilled human capital and committed to the organization and its environment, in partnership with industry leaders.

Vision: To be a multinational vanguard organization in Latin American markets in which it will be established with a focus on our customers by providing high quality technological innovation and excellence.

Values: Focus on the Customer: Our processes are designed to comply with the expectations of our customers, to obtain the delivery of products and services to their full satisfaction.

-Sense of belonging: We work to set up strong and enduring relationships with our stakeholders thereby forging a sense of commitment and belonging to an excellent organization, to which they may feel proud to belong.

-Responsibility and Commitment: We act with a view to complying with integrity and professionalism with our services and promises to customers, suppliers, institutions, to our people and the environment.

-Loyalty: We fulfill our principles, commitments and decisions faithfully and understand that thereby we generate an atmosphere of trust in the organization.

-Honesty and transparency: We administer company resources responsibly, such as: information, money, materials, equipment and personnel, following our code of ethics and policies.

-Respect: We recognize the dignity of persons and respect their freedom and privacy, we keep watch over their integrity and security, and recognize their right to contribute their ideas.

-Social responsibility: We recognize the importance of creating social and economic value both for our employees and the community, we work to ensure that respect for our environment is perceived and recognized as a value that distinguishes us.

-Confidence: CPS can build trust through an ongoing dialogue between all those involved in our organization.

-Justice: We act with justice and equity, maintaining a behavior of respect for the rights of people.

Quality Policy: We are firmly committed to satisfying the needs and exceeding the expectations of our customers, by delivering services and information technology solutions through a quality management system in constant evolution.